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Enrolment Number

Enrolment Number (Unique Alpha Numeral Number) is assigned to the Students at the time of admission and it will be intimated through the Admission cum ID Card. This Number is valid for the entire duration of the course of study. Students are advised to indicate their Enrolment Number in all the correspondence with the School of Distance Education, Bharathiar University to facilitate prompt response.

Identiy Card

An identity Card will be issued at the time of admission. This is valid for the entire duration of the course. The students are advised to keep this ID card while attending the both the Personal Conduct Programme Theory and Practical classes, the university officials may verify as and when required. Further, study materials will be issued only on production of their ID Card. Hall tickets for the University Examinations will be issued by the Chief Superintendents only on production of this ID card.

Duplicate ID Card

Students are advised to keep their ID Card safely, as they provide proof of their bonafide student status. In case of loss of the ID Card will be issued on a written request accompanied by a prescribed fee (ie.150 INR/-). However, students who have completed the duration of the course of study will be issued bonafide certificate only for the purpose of appearing for the supplementary examinations.

Change of Name

If a student changes his/her name during the course of study, it should be brought to the notice of the SDE immediately. The change of Name of the Candidate has to be effected in the official records of the School of Distance Education. Application to this effect should be made to "The Director, School of Distance Education, Bharathiar University" in the prescribed format along with the prescribed fee (ie.500 INR/-) along with xerox copy of Gazette/order from the appropriate government office.

Change of Address

Candidates should make sure that any change in the address is promptly communicated to the School of Distance Education by sending a letter in the standard format with the prescribed fee (ie.100 INR/-). They should also ensure that an acknowledgment is received form the SDE and kept along with the ID card for future reference. A minimum of four weeks is required for effecting the change of address.

Attendance Requirement

Attendance is applicable as per the norms.