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9th Vice-Chancellor
Dr. G. James Pitchai

The 9th Vice Chancellor of Bharathiar University, is a renowned soil scientist, an able administrator par excellence and a teacher with lofty achievements. Graduating from the esteemed Tamilnadu Agricultural University in Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, he pursued his doctoral research in the same area. Not restricting himself to Soil Science, he has undergone Post Doctoral training in Nano Technology in the USA.

The career graph of our Vice Chancellor, has constantly moved upwards right from the beginning of his career in Tamilnadu Agricultural University. This shows how systematic and consistent he has been as an academician, researcher and administrator. Such a feat is reflective of his sincerity, dedication and exceptional talents. He has occupied various high positions and delivered his duties and responsibilities with utmost care and efficiency. As the Dean and Head of the department, he has ensured all round development never compromising on quality.

As an academician, he has specialized in the areas of soil fertility management, recycling of industrial waste, regradation of degraded soil by nano particles, organic inorganic fertilizers on soil health and use of nano materials for regradation of polluted soils making his expertise of 34 years a multifaceted and multi dimensional one. In spite of having a highly demanding, punishing in fact, schedule as an academician and administrator, it is amazing that he has found time for co curricular activities. A thoroughbred professional, he gives equal importance to the social space. His efficiency, promptness and endearing personality have earned him membership in various professional and academic bodies. Every position held by him has been the greatest beneficiary of his vision and commitment.

A staunch believer in enlightening the masses, he has published two ISBN books, several teaching aids and 193 popular articles in various dailies. His contribution to high end research is highly creditable as indicated by his 77 research papers in top professional journals. He has participated in 55 seminars to share his expertise with his fellow scientists. His research contributions are recognized by various National and International organizations. His research projects not only benefited academic and professional institutions but by concentrating on transfer of technology they brought gains even to the laymen.

Our honourable Vice Chancellor is a person known for his precise time management, unfailing punctuality and sincere involvement. These qualities were evident even as he started as a young academic. As a leader, he expects his colleagues to share these three cardinal qualities. Generations of students have enjoyed his ready willingness to share knowledge. He has not allowed specialization and professionalism to come in the way of generating knowledge and making it socio - economically relevant.

Successful in making the high end technology available to poor farmers, his contribution to the betterment of the life and vocation of farmers is immense. As a person he is affable, easily approachable and sympathetic when it comes to solving problems. A complete person, he combines the experienced professional with a learner very young in heart, remaining a tremendous source of inspiration for many a youth.

Mrs. James Pitchai, Dr.Mala Fenn is a dedicated Gynecologist, who is running Fenn Hospital in Madurai. The institution devotes itself to treating generations of the poor and downtrodden for more than 50 years. Our Vice Chancellor is blessed with a daughter and a son who are doing M.D (OG) and final MBBS respectively. It is a coincidence of God’s grace that the entire family is in service of two of the noblest professions.

From the Desk of the Vice-Chancellor

I have great pleasure to greet you for a prosperous and victorious academic career through the School of Distance Education of our esteemed University. While extending a warm welcome to you, I am much delighted to assure that your course of study in the University will be quite useful besides being successful.

The conventional face to face educational system being inadequate to cater to the diverse needs of the youth, distance education, an industrial form of system emerges to be an effective alternative system of education besides subsuming what is conventionally referred to as education and encompassing the entire segment of educational strategies.

In the context of revamping educational system, it is imperative to select the University that may ultimately bring us glory and honour. Bharathiar University is re-accredited with "A" grade by NAAC and ranked 2nd at the national level among non-professional universities by the Times of India in 2009, has been initiating various steps over the period of time to ensure quality in education and methods and techniques of imparting knowledge and skills. Having its mission "Shape Your Future through Distance Education Mode", Bharathiar University adopts a mechanism for time bound implementation of various initiatives to meet the challenges of access and equity and provide seamless, borderless, sustainable and quality higher education to all who aspire to achieve in life.

Hence, it is my privilege to strongly emphasize that this University provides best courses which may suit to anyone who looks out for the same. Before concluding, I once again extend a warm welcome to you as a student of this University that assures you a bright future.

Prof. Dr. G. James Pitchai